Split-Testing Package - 1 Product with 4 Videos


– This package is perfect for a split-testing (A/B testing) marketing campaign, or if you plan to run ads on multiple platforms (for example, on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and/or YouTube).

– We will create 4 video ads for 1 product. The difference between the 4 videos could be different scroll stoppers, different problem statements, or different target audiences. You may also convert the same video ad to different aspect ratios for different social media platforms.

– Each video will last between 30 – 50 seconds. It will display animated headlines as needed. We will select background music that matches your product and target audience. We will also align the videos with the theme of your website.

– We offer unlimited revisions for each video.

– The majority of dropshipping products have numerous sourcing videos available for the creation of the video ads. However, when there is no good quality footage, we will have to create “Motion Graphics” videos out of existing still images. In such a case, we will inform you immediately and may ask you to consider the add-on “Motion Graphics Effects for Split-Testing Package” as listed below.

– Regular delivery will take 3-5 days. Express delivery within 24-72 hours can be purchased as an add-on as listed below.

$149.00 $129.99